iOS 5 Core Frameworks

Much like the hardware it runs on, iOS is a very intuitive platform for developers.  Apple has made it easy for developers to quickly get started using out-of-the-box elements in UIKit and Foundation.  The true power of iOS, however, exists beyond these simple tools and APIs.

iOS 5 Core Frameworks: Develop and Design teaches developers how to tap the true potential of iOS by incorporating some of the most powerful technologies iOS has to offer.

Data Management
Data management is key to any great application.  This book teaches you how to use both Core Data and iCloud to store information locally and sync it seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms.

Account Services
Learn how to leverage the new Twitter APIs built directly into iOS 5 or create your own single-sign service using the new Accounts framework.

Location, location, location.  There is a reason why location companies like Gowalla and Foursquare started on iOS.  iOS makes location easy.  Using new APIs available in iOS 5, location is even more powerful than ever. This book teaches you how to use location services in your app and how to incorporate new iOS 5 features like reverse geo-location lookup and region notifications.

Graphics, Images, and Animation
iOS and its applications are known for their polish and smooth animation effects.  While UIKit provides access to simple effects, iOS 5 Core Frameworks: Develop and Design teaches you how to take advantage of these technologies directly and how to create your own custom UI, animations, and post processing photo filter effects as seen in popular apps like Photoshop Touch, Instagram, 100 Cameras, and Camera+.

New in iOS 5, Newsstand apps rewrite the rules for newspapers and magazines on iOS.  Creating an entirely new class of app, Newsstand aims to provide developers the ability to create their own periodical content and push new content to devices — even when the application is not running.

Shawn Welch is the author of two books on iOS development, From Idea to App and iOS 5 Core Frameworks.  He has designed and developed iOS applications since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. Most recently, Shawn has taken on the role of iOS designer and developer for Kelby Media Group and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, developing apps for their online training site, Kelbytraining.com, and annual conferences and events such as Photoshop World. Shawn speaks regularly at conferences and has also filmed a few classes teaching iOS development. Past examples of Shawn’s work can be found in apps by Adobe, Pearson, Kelby Media Group, and more.