iOS 5 Core Frameworks:

Working with graphics, location, iCloud and more

This page contains additional reference material for iOS 5 Core Frameworks: Working with graphics, location, iCloud and more
by Shawn Welch. Copyright © 2012.

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Chapter 1
Pg. 6:  ARC Transition Guide

Pg. 7:  Cocoa Fundamentals Guide

Pg. 7:  iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Pg. 7:  Your First iOS Application

Pg. 14:  Apple’s Concurrency Programming Guide

Chapter 2
Pg. 30, 38:  Core Data Store Types

Pg. 36:  Core Data Programming Guide

Pg. 44:  iOS Predicate Programming Guide

Pg. 49:  Core Data Tutorial

Pg. 49:  Core Data Programming Guide

Chapter 3
Pg. 55:  iCloud Storage Guidelines

Pg. 56:  iCloud: Mac OS X

Pg. 58:  iOS Provisioning Portal

Pg. 78:  iOS App Programming Guide

Chapter 4
Pg. 94:  Background Execution and Multitasking

Pg. 101:  Location Aware Programming Guide
Additional Resources: Declaring the Required Device Capabilities

Chapter 5
Pg. 127:  Accounts Framework Reference

Pg. 132, 138:  Twitter REST API Reference

Chapter 6
Pg. 144:  Core Graphics (Quartz 2D) Overview

Pg. 144:  Quartz 2D Programming Guide

Pg. 144:  Core Animation Programming Guide (repeated reference in Chapter 8, Pg. 217)

Pg. 159:  Drawing Gradients

Chapter 7
Pg. 174:  Core Image Filters (iOS)

Chapter 8
Pg. 201:  CA Layer Animatable Properties

Pg. 205:  Key-Value Coding Programing Guide (Mac OS X and iOS)
Key Value Coding and Core Animation

Pg. 217:  Core Graphics (Quartz 2D)

Pg. 217:  Core Image

Pg. 217:  Core Animation (repeated reference in Chapter 6, Pg. 144)

Chapter 9
Pg. 237:  Audio Session Programming Guide

Chapter 10
Pg. 254:  Requiring Device Capabilities

Pg. 257:  HTTP Live Streaming

Pg. 269:  AV Foundation Programming Guide
AV Foundation Sample Code

Chapter 11
Pg. 279:  Xcode 4 Transition Guide (Recommended for Xcode 3.2 Users)

Pg. 284:  iOS Data Storage Guidelines (iCloud and Newsstand) (Developer Authentication Required)

Pg. 295:  Background Execution and Multitasking